Manufacture and install a 33’ all-aluminum constructed pylon sign with an electronic message center. Manufacture and install Apache Prime Steak House Main building identification sign and set of building-mounted channel letters.


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Manufacture and install wayfinding signage for Henderson, Cheyenne and Charleston campuses that included all-aluminum construction of ID monuments, building ID pylons, and internally illuminated directories.



Galleria at Sunset


Oakland A's


Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Sioux City

Manufacture and install 45’ tall LED Illuminated guitar sign with lighted strings and border and a flexible panaflex back. Wayfinding and directional signage, building Identification illuminated channel letters, interior radius all-aluminum constructed cabinet with digitally printed graphics, cantilevered aluminum arrow sign with a rotating main section.


McCandless Crossing

Manufacture and install illuminated and non-illuminated channel letters and logos. Digital graphics mounted on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces, entrance gate, section signs, and scoreboard signage.


Manufacture and install an all-aluminum constructed 40’ double face pylon signs with an 8’ tall electronic message center and a masonry brick base.


Short Pump Town Center

Manufacture and install all-aluminum non-illuminated entry logo ID and illuminated ID icon, main monument signs with edge-lit ID icon and round illuminated icon, elevator tower ID. Directional architectural elements used for wayfinding. Suspended directional signage both single and double-faced.



Springfield Town Center

Manufacture and install site ID signs, directory and wayfinding signage,  ID wall signage, tenant blade signs, interior ADA signage, large tenant illuminated building Identification signage both standard channel letters and reverse/halo-lit channel letters.,

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